About Zyntronics.com
This document will describe our (www.zyntronics.com) privacy policy throughout the following sections

What we collect

While browsing this website without an account, no personal data will be collected unless you've agreed to our cookie policy.
If you have agreed to our cookie policy, the data collected and the cookies stored is described further down.

Registration and account login

When you create an account, the following data will be collected;

  • Your IP address
  • Time of registration
  • The username of your account
  • Your email

Upon account login, the following data will be collected;

  • Your IP address at the time of the login
  • The actual time of the login
  • You may if you'd like enter some other details about yourself on your profile page, such as website, skype, interests and so forth

How We Use Information About You

Your IP address during login and account creation is stored solely for the purpose of security, we use this information to verify and react to fradaulent activity. Such as illegal access to an account (hacking).

The time of registration and the time of the last login is both used for statistics (as in the frequency of account creations) and for your own amusement as older accounts tends to gain higher respect amongst members.

The username of your choice is used for identification throughout the website, such as forum posts and codebin entries.

Your email is used only for the purpose of verification and for password reset in the event of forgotten information. Your email address will not be shared to any third parties nor will it be used for sending ads, spam or offers from this website. Your email address is not visible to other members by default, you may in the future make it public if you so choose.

Other information you choose to share about yourself such as website, skype and interests is used for your own amusement and will be visible to other members.

You do have the option for entering your firstname and surname on your profile, this information will not be visible to other members and is only used for verification and security when it comes to licenses you may obtain for various software found on this website.

All data obtained from your personal profile is stored in a secure database, your password is stored as a so called hash which means it's not visible in plain text. Thus the staff of this website has no way to see your password or any other information encrypted as such, even though your password is not visible we strongly encourage you to choose a strong password containing both random characters and symbols.

How Information About You is Shared

Stored data from your personal profile is not and will not by us knowingly be shared with any third parties.

However, in order to provide the best service and experience for our visitors and members, statistics is collected by the use of Google Analytics.
The information gathered from the cookies placed by Google analytics is used solely for the purpose of statistics in order to improve the experience for you as a user.

More information about this can be found here.

Ads and Analytical services, third party plug-ins and tools

We use cookies from Google Analytics, a third party partner for usage statistics. These cookies allow us to improve the experience, usability and performance of this website. Upon browsing this website, you be notified by a banner and asked to agree to the use of these cookies.
You may opt in or out from the use of these cookies at any time here.

  • Google Web Fonts

To ensure that fonts used on this website are uniform, this website uses so-called Web Fonts provided by Google. When you access a page on our website, your browser will load the required web fonts into your browser cache to correctly display text and fonts. To do this, the browser you use will have to establish a connection with Google’s servers. As a result, Google will learn that your IP address was used to access our website. If your browser should not support Web Fonts, a standard font installed on your computer will be used.

For more information on Google Web Fonts, please follow this link: https://developers.google.com/fonts/faq and consult Google’s Data Privacy Declaration under https://policies.google.com/privacy?hl=en.

  • Font Awesome Icons

To ensure that icons used on this website are uniform, this website uses so-called Font Awesome Icons provided by Font Awesome. When you access a page on our website, your browser will load the required icons for display. To do this, the browser you use will have to establish a connection with Font Awesome’s servers. As a result, Font Awesome will learn that your IP address was used to access our website.

For more information on Font Awesome’s icons, please follow this link: https://fontawesome.com/ and consult Font Awesome’s Data Privacy Declaration under https://fontawesome.com/privacy.

Your Choices

You have the right to have details and data collected and stored by us on our servers deleted, if you have an account you can manually initiate this process by signing in to your account, click on settings, edit profile and click on "Delete account" at the bottom of the page.
By doing so your account will be inactivated and marked for deletion, you will no be able to sign in to your account anymore once the deletion has been scheduled. The deletion process will take 14 days, once 14 days has passed all information collected from you will have been deleted.

Important: user content posted will not be deleted, this data will instead be anonymized.

If you don't have an account, please contact us and we will delete all the information we have about you based on your IP and/or other information.

When you visit this website, you will be notifed and asked to agree to the use of so called cookies. You may change this setting whenever you like under cookie policy.

Contact Us

If you need to get in touch with us, the only means by doing so for the time being is to send us an email.
Please use the below address to send us your thoughts and requests in terms of data deletion.

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